Ugh, this is so fucking embarassing

On: 24 February, 2009

When the cute thing acts kinda like a douchebag

On: 23 February, 2009

You got served, parrot edition

On: 20 February, 2009

Try resisting the cat's pleading eyes

On: 19 February, 2009

Not a boy; not yet a douche

On: 18 February, 2009

Shit! I don't know how to get down

On: 17 February, 2009

Hey, can you put some effort into this?

On: 16 February, 2009

Pop Quiz: how many pandas do you see?

On: 13 February, 2009

Peer pressure works on koalas too

On: 12 February, 2009

I thought I'd get a better entourage after Madagascar 2

On: 11 February, 2009

This house party is so fucking lame

On: 10 February, 2009

I have faith in my wingman. Don't you?

On: 09 February, 2009

Here, my friend Serghei got you another vodka redbull

On: 06 February, 2009

Spotted: a live one

This blog started as a crude joke at the pub (in case you can't tell). Basically, it went like this, "Hey you know how there are so many blogs out there making fun of douchebags? And you know how there are so many blogs about cute animals sleeping/eating/making funny faces? Well, wouldn't it be awesome if there's a place that combines those two things together?" "Yeah!" "You really think so?" "Yeah!' "Do you want some more beer?" "Yeah!"

Unlike most plans hatched while inebriated, this one actually came into fruition. But the blog is kept intentionally bare. I mean, cute things hanging out with douchebags, there's an internet meme equivalent of a one-liner joke. There's no reason to devote more attention beyond the shoddy photoshoped pictures. The pictures, pre- or post-manipulation, are funny enough without words.

The whole concept is ridiculous. The half-assed photoshop job is ridiculous. The source material is ridiculous. This is basically a giant Katamari ball of ridiculousness.

Which is why it's even more ridiculous when this picture shows up—an actual "cute thing with a douchebag" photo! In a reputable, national publication no less!

[Courtesy: NYT]
Wow! Wow! WOW! You mean, this thing that I came up with when I'm drunk might have some merit to it?

Look, all the components are here: cute dog, dubious tattoos, muscular biceps, tangerine glo, dimly-lit background and ... wait ... are those tinted glasses? (There's even a fedora and pimp cane in other photos of the same series.)

But then some of you might jump to his defense. The poor guy barely survived a career purgatory of bad movies and gross plastic surgery. Cut him some slack. He's pretty decent in The Wrestler, right? He's just hanging out with his dog (and maybe even the dog that meant the world to him when he was alone). He's smart enough to pull out of Wrestlemania during an Oscar campaign (though dumb enough to accept the invite in the first place). Besides, French people apparently loves him. French people would not give out their seal of approval to a douchebag, right?

So let's put this into a straw vote: did this picture fulfill all the "cute thing with douchebag" parameter? That is, is Mickey Rourke douchebag-y enough to belong to this blog?

And while we're at it, are chihuahuas still considered as "cute things"?

Hey bro-friend, can you spot me?

On: 05 February, 2009

That bear is reaching for our wine. Stop it!

On: 03 February, 2009

Won't anybody step in and save this panda?!

On: 02 February, 2009

2 guys, 1 cub

The raccoon comes with the $2 highball

Even the cat is disgusted by your Jager throat tat

On: 01 February, 2009

Shiba inu love in this club

Ugh, I wish you would stop dropping cigar ash onto my coat